History of Bollard Acoustical Consultants, Inc.

Bollard Acoustical Consultants (BAC) incorporated in May of 2005 as a California “S” Corporation, with Paul Bollard serving as CEO and Principal Consultant.

The CEO and Principal Consultant of BAC, Mr. Bollard, has worked exclusively as a consultant in acoustics and vibration since obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1987, a total of 27 years. Since 2005, Mr. Bollard has served as President and CEO of Bollard Acoustical Consultants, (BAC), and majority owner. Between 1998 and 2005, Mr. Bollard served in several executive positions as President of Bollard and Brennan, Inc., a similar noise consulting firm. From 1987 through 1997, Mr. Bollard was employed by Brown-Buntin Associates, Inc., consultants in acoustics and noise-control engineering, beginning as Associate level staff and ultimately obtaining the position of Senior Consultant.

Mr. Bollard is joined by Dario Gotchet as a Senior Consultant. Mr. Gotchet has a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Management, and has been employed at BAC since 2015. He brings a host of valuable experience, developing particular expertise in projects involving wireless telecommunications facilities, traffic, train, and environmental noise. Together, BAC professional staff has accumulated more than 55 years of experience in providing high-quality acoustical consulting services.